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Grading Information

2012 s american eagle silver proof

2012 s American Eagle Proof set $179.00

2007 first spouse gold coin abigail

2007 First Spouse $10 Gold Proof $820.00

1884 cc morgan silver dollar coin

1884 cc Morgan Silver Dollar Coin $260.00

1962 d franklin half dollar

1962 D Franklin Half Dollar Coin   $15.50

1916-45 mercury dime complete coin set key dates

1916 Mercury Dime Set Key Dates $1,300.00

1874 indian head one cent penny

1874 Indian Head Cent or Penny $105.00

Walking Liberty 2016 Centennial Gold Coin

The American Silver Eagle Dollar Coins are the official silver bullion coins of the United States and an essential part of a collector's coin collection. American Silver Eagles can be either Uncirculated and Proof coins. Our Graded American Silver Eagles have their own gallery.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is a silver United States dollar coin that is highly valued among coin collectors. Graded Morgan Silver Dollars have been graded by grading companies such as NGC, PCGS, ANACS and others. Collectors of silver dollar coins want examples of the Peace Silver Dollars and the Eisenhower Dollars in their collections.

More than a few coin collectors began with only collecting Silver Quarters or the Mercury Dimes. Other coin collectors focus on finding the best examples of Nickels while another may have a passion for Pennies. Whatever path your coin passion follows, feel free to contact us at Luckyfinder1 Coins with your 'Wish List' since we may have what you want but not have it listed online yet.

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